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The Joint Expedition Returns to Malqata

The Joint Expedition Returns to Malqata

Diana Craig Patch

JEM_KP_2018_team at work reduced
Jan Picton begins cleaning a wall in the King’s Palace.

The 2018 season has started. The team began to assemble in Luxor on January 30 with the arrival of Janice, Catharine, and Diana. We delivered the signed papers from the Ministry of Antiquities in Cairo to the appropriate offices in Luxor and were assigned our inspector.  Therefore, we were able to head into the field on February 1!  As of today, everyone is here and at work.

JEM_KP_2018_RmJ_PC cleaning reduced
Piet Collet brushes the surface looking for the edges of mud brick.

The site looks quite good.  There is the usual growth of camel thorn and we seem to be losing ground on the clearance of halfa grass in the area of the North Palace, but otherwise the many locales that make up the site of Malqata remained stable over the past year.

We’ve already started removing camel thorn. The West Settlement is in the background.

During the 2018 season, our attention will concentrate on two areas: reconstructing several important rooms or areas in the King’s Palace and excavation at the West Settlement. In the King’s Palace, we will be protecting walls in the area of the King’s bedroom at the south end, and at the north end, we will be working on the foundations of a staircase that may have led to a window of appearances.

Ja'allan and Ali working in Square N150?E140
Work begins in the West Settlement.

Meanwhile, at the West Settlement, Janice intends to excavate further in the square where an interesting fragment, the tail from a pottery statuette of Taweret, was previously discovered.  She also will move eastward towards the Industrial Site to see if a connection exists between her settlement and this production area.

Continuing the excavation in the square where we found the Taweret tail in 2015.


  1. It’s fine that your team is back

  2. Wishing the team a successful season.

  3. So glad to hear you’re back there and at it. We were just talking about you 2 days ago, wondering if we’ll hear from iMalqata! Looking forward to all the updates. Best wishes, Dayle and Anthony

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