Excavation Team

2019 Team

The JEM Team 2019: Back row (L to R) Mahmoud Kamal, Diana Craig Patch, Piet Collet, Jan Picton, Susan Allen, Hassaan Mohamed Ali, Ivor Pridden; Front row: Aisha Montaser, Janice Kamrin, Danielle Zwang. Missing: Mr. Joel Paulson and Ms. Hiroko Kariya

The Joint Expedition to Malqata (JEM) is a combined team of experts in archaeology, Egyptology, and conservation who are working under the direction of Dr. Diana Craig Patch, Curator in Charge of The Department of Egyptian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. In addition to the Director, the 2019 mission includes archaeologists Dr. Janice Kamrin (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) and Ms. Jan Picton (The Petrie Museum, UCL); ceramicists Dr. Susan J. Allen (Museum of Fine Arts Boston) and Ms. Aisha Montaser (Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt); surveyors Mr. Piet Collet and Mr. Joel Paulson; conservator Ms. Hiroko Kariya (Chicago House); conservator and photographer Mr. Ivor Pridden (The Petrie Museum, UCL); excavation director Mr. Hassaan Mohamed Ali; archaeological assistant Ms. Danielle Zwang; and our SCA representative for the 2019 season, Mr. Mahmoud Kamal.

The expedition would like to thank the following for their assistance and support:

Dr. Khaled el-Enany, Minister of Antiquities; Dr. Mostafa Waziry, General Director of the Supreme Council of Antiquities; Dr. Nashwa Gaber, General Supervisor of Foreign Missions and the Permanent Committee; Dr. Mahmoud Afify, Head of the Egyptian Sector; Dr. Mohmamed Yahia, General Director for Upper Egypt; Mr. Qaddafi , General Director for Luxor Area; Mr. Fathi Yasim, General Director of the West Bank; Mr. Baha elGabry, Director of Qurna; Mr. Mahmoud Moussa, Director of South Qurna; Mr. Ahmed Nazeer and Mr. Abu el Hagag, inspectors for South Qurna.

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  1. my greeting to you ,pleased me meet you and introduce my self, I am a professional restorer work with some missions (american,french, Italian,..)in Egypt.have many years experience after university, pleased me offer my services ,hope have E-mail Dr:Peter Lacovara or Dr: Diana Craig to send some images of my restoration work and my C.V, Thank you .With my best wishes,,,,,,mohammed ahmed

  2. Thank you to give news every day. It is very interesting. I will be in Louxor the 4th of march, are you still there ?
    Nathalie Marchais

    • Dear Nathalie,
      I am sorry we will miss you, we leave for home on that day.

    • Thank you. We stop at the end of February, so sorry we will not be here.

  3. Mi sapete dire il nome del professore australiano che ha partecipato alla missione di hierakonpolis 2012? grazie

  4. We hope all is going according to plan.

    • Hi Deb,

      Sorry I didn’t see this earlier but I didn’t realize about the comment area. I write a lot of the material but I don’t load it! Things are going well and it has been a good season. Weather much better this year than last and I was happy to escape the winter in New York. I land back in JFK on Wed about 6:30 so I should be home early evening I hope. How did Paul’s surgery go? Car still there?

      See you soon Diana

  5. Great to see that you’re all back!
    Might I ask one of you to get in touch with me, please?
    Have an invitation for you!

  6. this is a great site !

  7. This is indeed an interesting site. I have always been interested in Malqata. We are working at TT209 this season which is ending soon and staying at the ARCE apts and New Memnon hotel (highly recommended-basic but close to all). Good luck on your future excavations! (Jan Summers, Archaeologist/Curator)

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