Posted by: iMalqata Blog | February 10, 2017

Better Late than Never

Diana Craig Patch

Due to an unforeseen delay — we did not get our security clearance to work at Malqata in January as expected — JEM is late getting into the field this year. When we were offered the chance to start work Thursday (yesterday), we jumped at the chance, but the result was that we had only one day in the field before Friday, the traditional day off in Egypt.


The special Metropolitan Museum of Art bedspreads that our host at The New Memnon, Sayed, had made for us last year. We really feel at home!

We spent the day working on notes (not too many yet), improving the databases where we record the finds, and keeping up through email with other responsibilities.  The New Memnon Hotel, our home away from home, is as welcoming as ever so we work in comfort.  Tomorrow it’s back to the trenches!



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