Posted by: Peter Lacovara | March 1, 2015

Goodbye to all that

Peter Lacovara

Yesterday we finished up at the site for the season. We carefully re-buried all the ancient surfaces that were exposed in the Palace, North Village and West Settlement with clean sand to protect it from erosion until we return next year.

The West Settlement covered with a protective layer of sand.

The West Settlement covered with a protective layer of sand.

All our equipment, supplies and fashionable old clothes we wear to dig in went into storage and we submitted our final reports to our colleagues in the Ministry of Antiquities. We brought the season’s small finds with a police escort to the Antiquities Storage Magazine at the other end of Western Thebes where we entered through the massive, squealing, iron doors and past about forty snarling Sekhmet statues to deposit them with great ceremony into the JEM’s storage trunk.

Our last task is to return the survey equipment to Chicago House and bid our fond farewells to our workmen and assistants, our colleagues in the Antiquities Ministry, the New Memnon staff and friends and fellow Egyptologists in Luxor and after stops in Cairo, head home until next season.

In the meantime, we will be busy digesting all the work of this season, giving presentations, writing reports and doing further research as well as planning and fundraising for our further adventures at Malqata. We hope you’ll all stay tuned for our further adventures.

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