Charles Evers

Charle Evers, who was our architect for the 2008 season at Malqata and who had also worked with the Pennsylvania University Expedition to the site in 1977, sadly passed away on March 31st, 201o.  He was a uniquely talented individual  as the tribute below illustrates.


In Memoriam: Charles Evers

21 April 2010 | Chapter News
Charles A. Evers, architect, educator, and preservationist, passed away at home on March 31, 2010 following a heart attack. Charlie was a long-time member of AIA Philadelphia’s Historic Preservation Committee and a member of the editorial board of Context. He authored numerous articles for The Philadelphia Architect, many of which focused the preservation of local modernist buildings, long before this was a popular topic. Following his architectural studies at Penn and several archaeological expeditions in Egypt, Charlie joined the office of Tony Atkin, Architect in 1982. His projects included planning and restoration for significant local buildings such as the Penn Museum, the Commandant’s House at Fort Mifflin, and Sedgley Porter’s Lodge, as well as churches across the country. He led the preservation work of the firm until 2005, when he established his own consulting practice. He most recently worked at TranSystems / DPK&A Architects, where he assisted with the envelope renovation of the Philadelphia Custom House, among other projects. Charlie was an Adjunct Associate Professor at Drexel University, where he taught architectural history. Charlie was my mentor in preservation for over a decade. I am grateful for his patience, dedication, and fantastic humor. He taught me how to repair old buildings, how to learn from them, and how to love them. One of my fondest memories of working with Charlie was the plan we developed for the restoration of the ancient palace of the New Kingdom pharaoh Merenptah (1213-1204 BCE) within the walls of the Penn Museum. His love for Egypt was second only to his love for Philadelphia and our project was a unique connection between his two passions. I saw Charlie just a few days before his untimely death. He had just returned from a two-week trip to Egypt, where he assisted the Joint Expedition to Malqata, preparing measured drawings of the remains of the Temple of Amun. It had been 25 years since his last trip and he was filled with renewed purpose to continue the preservation of Philadelphia’s historic places. His gentle personality and great love of life, parties, and architecture will be missed. Charlie is survived by a brother, Eric, and sisters Christine Finn, Sonya Spivey, and Melonie Leathers. The family suggests that donations be made in his memory to the National Association of Free Clinics. – Shawn Evans, AIA


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