Posted by: iMalqata Blog | February 1, 2015

A New Partner

Peter Lacovara

The Joint Expedition to Malqata (JEM) is now a project co-sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund.  The Fund is a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to support research  on Egyptian history and culture, and conservation of the ancient monuments.  In particular the Fund seeks to record and publish sites and monuments at risk from agricultural and urban expansion, climate change, and other threats.  The organization will also work to foster a greater awareness of those risks and to promote education and training in site management and protection. logo with fund In addition to supporting the work at Malqata, the Fund has plans to undertake a much needed program of site protection and publication of the palace-city of Deir el-Ballas.  The site, which I previously mentioned in this blog.(, is about 30 km. north of Malqata and faces a number of the same problems. The Trust hopes to have an initial season this coming winter.  To follow the progress you can link through


  1. Congratulations Peter.
    I wish you all the best with your project.

  2. I was anxious for the new season to begin and follow progress via the blog

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