Posted by: imalqata | February 21, 2014

Local Fauna

Friday, February 21, 2014

Today is Friday, so we aren’t working at the site. Instead, we spent the day catching up on our paperwork at the hotel and visitiing with friends. But we thought you might like to see one of the creatures we ran into at Malqata a week or so ago.


We had half of the workmen clearing the camelthorn from the site, and at the end of the work day (1:00 pm), we were about to get into the Land Rover when our driver, Mohammed, beckoned us to the back of the car. There, in the shade near the rear wheel, was a bright green preying mantis. After looking on the internet, we have identified it as Blepharopsis Mendica. They eat flying insects and this one may have been living in the low shrubs that were being cleared away (not to worry, there are still plenty of shrubs nearby, and certainly plenty of flying insects).


After taking multiple photos, we fished the mantis out from under the car and watched it fly away, we hope out of harm’s way.

Catharine Roehrig

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