Posted by: imalqata | February 7, 2014

Study Day

Friday, February 7, 2014

Finished park below the corniche in Luxor

Finished park below the corniche in Luxor

Today is Friday, so we have the day off. As we have often done in past seasons, we went across the river to the city of Luxor (on the east bank of the Nile) and spent the day at Chicago House, the field headquarters of the Epigraphic Survey of the University of Chicago, which has a fantastic library of Egyptological literature. We know the staff at Chicago House well, having boarded there during our first three seasons. The director, Dr. W. Raymond Johnson, has a particular interest in Amenhotep III and has given us important input and essential support since we began planning the project.

View of the west bank

View of the west bank

We took a water taxi from the west bank ferry landing down to the landing near Chicago House. Two years ago, landing in a small boat along this part of the embankment was like navigating an obstacle course, but no more. Now there is a lovely park which gives an amazing view across the river towards the spectacular cliffs of the west bank.
This evening, Diana and I have been printing out plans of the North Village and planning what will be done tomorrow when we go to the site, so stay tuned.

Catharine Roehrig


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