Posted by: imalqata | February 7, 2013

Sanaa, Our Inspector

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This season the team at Malqata is happy to introduce our inspector from the Ministry of State for Antiquities, Sanaa Youssef Ahmed Ali. Sanaa joined us the first day the dig began and meets us every day at the beginning of work. She assists us with carrying out the MSA requirements for conducting an excavation here, such as making sure each of us is registered when we arrive to begin our season.

Sanaa recording pottery at the North village

Sanaa recording pottery at the North village

Sanaa graduated from the University of Qena in 2008 with the equivalent of our BA degree. She has also studied Russian, receiving a diploma in 2010, and now she speaks the language. In 2009, she joined Shaima, our inspector from last season, for training in the Valley of the Kings to become an inspector for the MSA and they are good friends. Sanaa was appointed to the West Bank inspectorate in 2011.

Since her appointment Sanaa has been very busy as the MSA representative for a number of digs in Dira Abu el-Naga, a cemetery area of the West Bank located on the hillside north of Deir el-Bahri. She has worked with several different missions there including two from the German Institute and an Italian mission
working at tomb TT14.

Sanaa at the total station

Sanaa is very interested in drawing pottery and working with the total station used in mapping. Eager to continued developing her expertise in archaeology, she has applied to be a member of the field school program sponsored by the American Research Center in Egypt in conjunction with the MSA and hopes to be selected to join one soon that will be working on a West Bank tomb.
Diana Craig Patch


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