Posted by: imalqata | January 22, 2013

Shopping Expedition and Dinner in Luxor

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

View from the east bank looking west.

View from the east bank looking west.

This year we are living on the west bank of the river, which means we have a much shorter journey to the site, and it doesn’t involve a boat. Most things we need can be found on the west bank now, but there are still some things that are only available in Luxor, so, after work today, we went across the river to do some shopping.  Among other things, we needed a folding table and chairs.  We also had dinner with our friends at Chicago House, who put us up for the past three seasons, and who still provide our vehicle, the venerable Land Rover.

Because it is now very late (for us), we won’t be writing about our work at the site.  But, stay tuned, we’ll be back again tomorrow.

Catharine, Diana, and Peter



  1. Much success further on for your wonderful work and thank you for sharing your news… it is a little bit like being there, too… thanks!!! ❤

  2. I had my first holiday in quarter of a century, and made my first visit to Egypt this last past November epecially to visit Malqata. I love everything to do with the reign of Amenhotep lll, and so a visit here was the highest priority on my to do list.
    I knew it was a region where few people visited, and I also knew it was way off the tourist track. I managed to fight going there when I first arrived (11pm Sunday night!) and couldn’t belive what I was actually seeing when I rode (by push bike) up the main road to the Colossi of memnon later on Monday evening.

    Actually seeing them for the first time with my own eye’s was a moment I’ll never EVER forget. Of course I just had to ride on to Malqata, I say ride, I had to walk from just after the police station as the ”road” ends there. When I first started to see the first few ruins of the north town It was just about sunset and the atmosphere was amazing. I was there completely alone with Malqata lying on both sides of the dirt track, the sun was just dipping below the horizon and there was complete silence. I can’t describe the feeling, when your at a certain place at a certain time it can just feel magical, and being there at Malqata was just like that for me.

    I went back there every day (and I mean EVERY day!) of my week in Luxor and the atmosphere was always the same. I was hoping that there would be some Egyptologists working there when I was, as I’d loved to have had the chance to talk to them.

    Anyway, I’ve got the Egypt bug now and hopefully if the situation in Egypt doesn’t get any worse with the up risings I’ll be returning this November too!

    Good luck and all the best,


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