Posted by: imalqata | February 26, 2012

Last Day at the Palace

Workmen Covering Walls With Sand

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today we finished work in the King’s Palace. The workmen were following hard on Peter’s heals as he tried to do one last drawing of the bricks. They were pouring sand on exposed floor surfaces, on the tops of the walls, and on the remaining stone column bases, which we have also lifted onto fired brick platforms for the time being, to protect them from potential dampness in the soil.

Partially Covered Column Base on its Fired Brick Platform

We hope our efforts will protect the palace against further damage from the seasonal sand storms that begin next month, so if you happen to stop by the site in the next year “Please Pardon our Appearance.”


We still have a few more tasks before we leave – so stay tuned.

Catharine Roehrig

Covered Column Base



  1. We pass by the site most days, you will have noticed the silver 4×4 no doubt. We will check from time to time if you wish and report any signs of uncovering..


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