Posted by: imalqata | February 16, 2012

We Found a Wall

February 16, 2012

One reason I chose to look for the “Narrow House” is because it’s one of the largest structures in the South Village. One of its walls looks quite thick on the old site plan, and it should have been relatively easy to find – if I chose the right place based on the old photograph. However, since we started looking for it on Sunday, we’ve had no luck. So, yesterday I took my trowel and a brush and walked to another part of the South Village where I had seen some mud brick peaking up through the surface. I also took along our reis, who is a very experienced excavator (on an archaeological expedition in Egypt, the reis manages the workmen and all manner of other things – ours also just finished his B.A. degree in Egyptology).

The Walls of a Large Building in the South Village

We started brushing the surface of the desert, and low and behold, we had a wall – quite a large wall (it’s 90 cm wide – that’s about 3 feet). More important than finding a wall – we found a corner. There’s only one building in the South Village as large as this that runs north/south, so it’s easy to find on the old site plan.

Old Site Plan Showing the “Narrow House” and the Corner of the Wall

Now we just have to find one other feature on the old site plan and we can tie it to our overall plan of Malqata. This will make it possible for us to relocate the buildings when we come back to work in the South Village in future seasons. It will also help in the protection of this part of the site, which, at first glance, looks like empty desert.

– Catharine Roehrig


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