Posted by: imalqata | February 9, 2012

Our Inspector, Shaimma Abdel Karim

Thursday, February 9, 2012

When any foreign mission arrives in Egypt to work after receiving permission from the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA) to do so, they are assigned an inspector. The inspector’s job is to make sure that the contract between the mission and the Egyptian government is followed, that is, that the mission only carries out the work for which they requested permission and that they get to do that work.

Inspector Shaimma at the Ptolemaic temple of Deir el-Shelwit

This season Shaimma Abdel Karim is our inspector at Malqata. In 2008, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Egyptology from the University of Sohag. Her special interest is New Kingdom architecture and the plans of large buildings. After graduating she did compulsory social service with the Ministry of Health for a year and at the end of that time, began work with the MSA. Her first assignment was on the east bank at Karnak, but shortly thereafter she was assigned to the Valley of the Kings, where she worked on a rediscovered pit tomb, KV 53. Her artistic abilities were soon recognized and she had the opportunity to draw small finds from that excavation, including ostraca, pieces of stone that have small sketches or inscriptions. Her reassignment to the West Bank was great because that’s where her home is located.

Inspector Shaimma and Pam Paulson photographing ceiling fragments found at the King’s Palace

In 2011, the MSA gave Miss Shaimma a formal contract. Since then she has worked at Kasr el-Aguz, a small Ptolemaic temple near Medinet Habu, and now she is our inspector at Malqata. She has facilitated our work so everything is moving forward without any problems at the site and we are all very happy to have her working with us this season.
Diana, Catharine, and Peter


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