Posted by: imalqata | February 17, 2010

Work in the North Village

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today was another hot day in an unusual heat wave for February in Luxor, a month where the daytime temperatures normally are no more than the low 80’s.   At this time of year, they rarely reach the mid-90 degrees that we have had all week.  However, today there was at least a steady wind, which helped dissipate some of the heat.  Working was much easier than yesterday when it was so still!   

Joel Paulson and I worked on planning the walls in the North Village that Peter and I have been re-excavating (see blog entry February 9).  When the Metropolitan Museum worked in this area about a hundred years ago, they found a group of houses that must have belonged to the city’s work force.  The excavators made a simple architectural drawing of the bricks that made up the walls of the structures.  Unfortunately it was early in the history of archaeology and the excavators did not record as much information as we do today.  In order to see if we can know more we are reclearing the walls and then planning them using a survey Total Station which measures angles and distances extremely accurately.  Joel will discuss what he doing in more detail in a future blog when he has finished more of his work here.  Preliminary results of today’s work have shown that the 1914-1915 plan of the structures on top of the terrace were fairly accurate.  You can see this on the plan below. 

Today's Survey Points on the 1917 Plan

The X’s are our survey points and they generally are very close to the plan drawn by the Metropolitan Museum’s excavator H. G. Evelyn-White of the buildings.

Diana Craig Patch

Joel Paulson


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